• A. Timothy Mitra, BFA ACTC

    founder, host

    Timothy Mitra is an iOS developer, instructor, podcaster, writer, editor and artist. With over 25 years of extensive knowledge of the graphic arts, digital publishing and the creative process. Tim has been developing solutions since the early nineties working with databases, web sites in php, mysql, flash, css, javascript. In 2009, Tim pivoted to focus on iOS, Objective-C, Swift and iPhone & iPad app development and has published several apps on Apple’s app store. Tim also teaches iOS and OS X development and writes articles and videos at raywenderlich.com Tim also cohosts the Roundabout: Creative Chaos podcast with Tammy.

  • Jaime blue steal

    Jaime Lopez Jr


    Jaime is an experienced software developer and team lead with a focus on iOS development. He led the iOS development team at OfferUp where he helped make the buying and selling experience simpler, faster, and safer. Jaime is currently an iOS developer at Simple, where he helps make personal banking delightful. He also worked on the StoreMode™ technologies at Point Inside. Jaime often enjoys a nice cup of coffee and conversation on various topics.

  • Mark E. Rubin, PhD


    Mark is an iOS developer and consultant based in Silicon Valley.  He founded Smappsoft, an indie iOS development shop, in 2009, where he is Chief Engineer.  At the same time, he has held hands on leadership roles in several startups, including Relive, Inc. and erodr, and consults for multiple well known companies on iOS development issues.  He has developed over 30 apps, in a wide range of areas including social networking, photo sharing, games, and music, with a combined reach of millions of users.  Before discovering iOS, he worked for several years in the semiconductor industry, and has degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering  from MIT and UCSB.

  • Greg Heo

    Greg Heo

    Guest Host

    Greg is an iOS developer, sometimes writer, and full-time Canadian living in San Francisco. He enjoys writing code, long walks thinking about code, and listening to podcasts about code.

    Greg often jumps in as a last minute guest host and occasionally takes over the show when Tim is away at a concert. You can find him on Twitter as @gregheo.

  • Tammy Coron

    Guest Host

    Tammy Coron is a writer, musician, artist, and software engineer.

    As an independent creative professional, Tammy spends her time developing software, writing, illustrating, and reminding others that The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer. She also hosts the Roundabout: Creative Chaos podcast.

    For the most part, Tammy is always working; she’s a contributor on Creative Bloq, iMore, and (of course!) raywenderlich.com. When she’s not earning a living, Tammy enjoys spending time on her farm – in Tennessee – with her husband and their two sons.

  • Aaron Vegh


    Aaron Vegh is a freelance iOS and web developer. He’s written a book for Wiley, Web Development with the Mac, published in 2010. He’s published several apps: Code, an HTML code viewer; Tiberius, a personal video logging app from the future; ThreadOne, an OS X private messaging client for App.Net; and Magpie, a “watch later” tool for Mac and iOS. You can stay up to date on his current status on Twitter, his “Now” page, or his company site. Aaron was a regular host from August 2014 to December 2016.