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Episode 182 – Bob Hamilton’s Ride

This week we look back at Saul Mora’s Core Data trick at RWDevcon 2015. We follow up on Apple’s 2018 Q1 earnings, the last of a super cycle and parking self-driving slippers. We discuss how Strava’s heat map exposes popular exercise locations. We also talk about Mycroft AI’s privacy-first smart speaker. We discuss app rejections stemming from the use of Apple’s emojis in screenshots. Picks: Activating an Audio Session, Tim Horton’s Scroll Up To Win

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Episode 182 Picks:

Episode 24 – Just Add Water

This week we discuss the Betty Crocker approach to harder on boarding. As well we discuss Charles Parry’s follow up post on metakite.com about the State of the App Store, in light of numbers released by Marco Arment and Ustwo. Our Picks this week are Material Palette, Apple’s Quarterly Income, Pocket and the New England Patriots vs the Seattle Seahawks.

 Episode Notes:

Charles Perry – The Shape of the AppStore
Why harder onboarding can lead to better users.
PhotoShop Express (PS Express)
iPhoto iOS

Episode Picks:
Material Palette
Pocket: Save Articles and Videos to View Later
Apple Just Had The Most Profitable Quarter Of Any Company Ever
Super Bowl XLIX
Scales & Modes Scales & Modes for iPad by Smappsoft

Photo: Steven Elphick