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This past week was Apple’s WWDC 2016. We met midweek to discuss our initial impressions of the Keynote, Platform State of the Union and a few of the sessions that we were able to see. We had a chance to look at the betas for macOS Sierra, iOS 10 and Xcode 8. Picks: Swift Playgrounds on iPad, API reference, App Review Guidelines (The Comic Book), Optimizing App Startup Time

Episode 96 Show Notes:

Episode 96 Picks:

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  1. third_beach

    I’m with Aaron that watchOS was the platform that saw the biggest amount of change (even if it didn’t get the most airtime). That also isn’t a tough feat since it isn’t even 2 years old and was not in great shape and needed the most attention.

    And so far the session I have found to be the most fascinating was a watchOS called Health and Fitness with Core Motion https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2016/713/ Apple opened up access to all the Core Motion APIs for the watch and that session actually talks about how to create an algorithm to track your swings, and whether it is a forehand or backhand swing, in tennis.

    Just focusing on the health and fitness applications those APIs now open up a lot of possibilities, but there could be even more uses for core motion beyond that realm if people start to get creative about it. A lot of people dump on the watch and dismiss it, which is fair enough because they missed the mark on a few things at the start, but this WWDC has set a much better, and much clearer direction for the Apple Watch.

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