Episode 98 – No Longer Spinning Rust

This week Greg Heo leads the all West Coast show. We begin with a discussion about NSPredicate. #askMtJC covers tips for finding your first job. We follow up on Swift Playgrounds and APFS. We discuss GraphQL and the rumored in-screen Home button on the iPhone 7. Picks:  Ultimate Apple IO death chart, Git standup, Detecting Low Power mode, WWDC app

Episode 98 – Show Notes

Episode 98 Picks

4 thoughts on “Episode 98 – No Longer Spinning Rust

  1. Dave

    Wow just listened to episode 98 and my head hurts. I tuned in for the usual easy listening take on the iOS scene with a bit of banter to take out the boredom whilst cutting the grass and walking the dog. But where was the wise cracks from Aaron, where was the alternative perspective from Tim. Instead we went straight into a full on discussion about predicates ( guys I am still no wiser about what one is) and then onto KVS. A brief respite on Playgrounds where I caught up with the thread before being dumped again on ZFS and GraphQl.

    I think a more apt name for the episode would have been ‘all about the code’ I got the sense the guys were well into it, but it was way over my head. I’ve never heard Mark speak so much before.

    I hope we are back to normal service on the next episode and we can have bitching about app pricing, Apples approach to Indie developers etc etc.

    Please guys don’t go all heavy computer science on me, remember the little people.

    Proud UK wearer of MTJC T shirt, although wife and kids are very confused and think me slightly odd for wearing a t shirt with random letters in it.


    1. timmitra Post author

      How do you think I felt about? I had to edit it! (Just kidding.) Now you see why I like to work with Mark. He is very knowledgeable and very patient, when you don’t actually grok what he’s talking about. Greg is also a great coder but he has extra special skill at explaining concepts with exactly the right words – something I struggle with myself (you may have noticed.) Round that out with our resident computer scientist, Jaime and it’s all about the code.

      BTW you need to send us an MTJC selfie.Thanks for the feedback. Aaron and I will be back to dumb down the show this week. 😉

    2. Greg

      I love the feedback Dave! I admit I took advantage of having Mark and Jaime on the line to nerd out, but I’ll remember to include more than just the code (as it says on the tin) next time I get to take over the show.



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