Episode 95 – Batman & Rubin

This week we follow up on Apple Pay. Our #askMTJC spawns questions about getting a start in freelance, bootcamps for Android, expectations of Xcode 8 and does host Mark Rubin have a personal Twitter account. We dive in and discuss Apple’s newly announced App Subscriptions, Shortened Review Times and Paid App Search Ads. Jaime introduced WWDC Friends. We also discuss our WWDC wish list. Picks: Motion Stills by Google, Android iPhone Case, Oslo Coding, Creating and Distributing iOS Frameworks

Osmo Coding iPad Pro 12.9 vine

Episode 95 Show Notes:

Episode 95 Picks

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  1. Nathan

    Another learning environment for the iPad that uses block programming technique is TickleApp. You can also interface with robots such as those from Sphero including the BB-8.


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