Episode 82 – Pair Programming For the Introvert

This we discuss the OS X ransomware spread via the Transmission app. We also follow up on how much to make an app. We discuss the challenges of pair programing for the introverted.
Picks: Protocol-Oriented Programming with Swift, The Majestic Monolith & RWDevCon

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2 thoughts on “Episode 82 – Pair Programming For the Introvert

  1. Christophe

    You talked about pair programming. I am the same and cannot really sit next to someone while staying productive. And I don’t like coding while having somebody looking over my shoulder. Because I initially make mistakes… Having somebody overlooking my code would slow me down because of the fear of being judged. And I can’t think properly when parasited by someone else’s ideas.
    I joined a big company that automates code reviews through an internal tool. Every piece of code needs peer approval before you can submit it. The reviewer can submit comments on any line of your code until it looks good. I think it’s a great compromise because you have several eyes looking and reviewing a code while having an asynchronous process where you don’t have to actually seat together. Plus the code being reviewed is really something that you agreed was “your final version” or “your best version”.
    Do you have an opinion on this? What are your thoughts on peer programming versus code reviews?
    Thank you for the show!

    1. timmitra Post author

      I’m currently working in a similar environment, where our code gets reviewed by others on the team. It’s sometimes a little unclear about what is the expected code style and getting an import a fix through is frustrating. Overall it’s good to have others checking your work and suggesting improvements.

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