Episode 66 – Dump Trucks Full of Money

This week we discuss the latest Mac App Store certificate Snafu and iTunes Connect issues and the effect on developers. Apple Pay arrives in Canada with caveats and Greg relates his experience with it. We discuss the A9X and A10 chip manufacturers and iPad Pro sales predictions. Tim gives a review of productivity on the iPad Pro after one week. Greg introduces Apple’s move to subscriptions for some services and Castros move to patronage in their podcast app. Picks: Bus Driver and Ferrite

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3 thoughts on “Episode 66 – Dump Trucks Full of Money

  1. Scott

    I’m listening to this episode, and it’s all I can do not to delete it without finishing it. I still might.

    You guys are blaming Marco for reacting to the race to the bottom by implying that he’s causing it. Maybe you missed the part where he said hardly anyone was buying the IAP compared to total number of downloads. One of your guys on the podcast even said he didn’t pay the IAP.

    As for donationware, if the earliest examples you guys can come up with are Carbon Copy Cloner and some web plugins, you must have been born about 10 years ago. When I started using computers, most of the great software we used WAS donationware or shareware. This is not some new mysterious brand of evil sweeping the nation and threatening to kill all our children in their sleep. It’s been around since before you, apparently.

    Furthermore, look at all the completely FREE apps in the app store. FREE. No charge. No IAP. Why aren’t you guys ragging on them? All Marco has done is essentially go free, and if people want, there’s a way to give him some money. That’s it. It’s no different to all the apps that you guys have never mentioned and never whined about that do some job for free and have all been involved in lowering people’s expectations on the financial value of iOS apps. Again, you’re blaming the chicken and calling it an egg.

    You know who I don’t hear whining about this stuff? The various developers who make Fantastical, Drafts, iA Writer, Due, Day One, NetNewsWire, Pocket Casts, Crossy Road, Alto’s Adventure, every Omni app ever made, all the Readdle apps, Transmit, Coda, Prompt, Screens, iKanji, iKana, Japanese, Midori, 1Password, Workflow, Pythonista, Editorial… Should I stop, or would you like me to keep going? Guess how many of these guys are blaming Marco for destroying the universe? Not one of them. Somehow these guys are finding a model that works, and apparently they’re making enough money to keep working at their apps, and not just for “artistic” reasons.

    I don’t think most people have been able to make a living solely on iOS app sales for a long time. Most people have to rely on more than just one avenue of revenue if programming independently for a living is their choice of career, and that hasn’t changed in forever. The early days of the app store were an anomaly.

    Finally, getting mad at Marco for making use of his popularity is like getting mad at Taylor Swift for using her popularity to allow her to negotiate deals favorable to herself and to decide how she’s going to perform and distribute her music. It’s just stupid. Any one of you guys if you had the same kind of clout would use it to sell your apps. If Marco was a liar, thief, and crook, and was somehow popular for things he didn’t do, that would be one thing. But even the densest of you has to admit that’s not the case.

    Really, when I listen to this episode, I just want to yell at you guys to shut up, quit blaming people for your problems, and either make something like all of those apps above I mentioned that people are willing to pay for, or figure out some other business model. Good luck with that. Unless you can jettison some of that bitterness you’re carrying around, you’re going to need it.

    1. timmitra Post author

      Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure that we are all in agreement that Marco has ruined the universe. Personally I haven’t listened to the ATP podcast, so I haven’t heard Marco’s rational. It’s a point of discourse and has been discussed by many other people out there – so we decided to cover it. We try to cover items that will affect the developer community as a whole. I do agree that developers should learn to diversify their income if they can’t make on the App Store alone. Who knows maybe patronage will be the next great way to support doing something you love to do. I would hope so and I had thought that I did say that. Again thanks for your input. We’re not all that bad and we hope you can stick with us. We would love to hear what you and others think about the show. Tim.

  2. Tim Mitra Post author

    Scott, we did discuss Marco’s blog post on his change to patronage, at length in Episode 61 “Let Them Eat Cake”. Listen around the 30 minute mark. We talked about his points that only 20% of users had upgraded with the IAP and how he felt that he wanted to provide the best experience for users. Also that he felt that he was doing this for the good of podcasting. What you are hearing in Episode 66 is a follow up discussion. What you also don’t know, is that we decided as a group not to discuss this in future episodes. However with Castro’s change we felt compelled to discuss it again.

    Once again, thanks for your feedback. It’s very helpful.


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