Episode #3 – The Other App Store – Aug 19, 2014

In the third episode we discuss:

  • How much it really costs to make an app.
  • Working remote vs working in an office.
  • Flappy Bird TNG
  • Tom Hank’s app creator?
  • Size Classes in iOS8 – what are they thinking?
  • Grafio app
  • Camoji app
  • Scales & Nodes plug
  • Tim debuts on raywenderlich.com

Episode 3 Show Notes:

Craig Hockenbury Stackoverflow How much does it cost to develop an app
Chiu-Ki Chan @chiuki – Intro to Android for iOS developers – 3601Dev 2013
Remote: Office Not Required” by 37 Signals
Hitcents (builders of Hanx Writer)
Limitations of iOS 8 Size Classes (correct please)
Grafio app by Ten Touch Ltd.
Camoji app by Leo Me, Inc.

7 thoughts on “Episode #3 – The Other App Store – Aug 19, 2014

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