Episode 21 – Swift, Ready or Not Here it Comes

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This week we discuss the use of Swift in production apps. We each relate our experiences with the interactive and often difficulties working with Xcode and Swift 1.1. We also discuss the reaction to a post by Marco Arment that sparked many developers into voicing an opinion. We discuss our picks; Smash Hit, Piskell, AV Audio Engine and Printrbot Simple Metal 3D printer. During and after the show we briefly discuss Magicavoxel, Aaron’s prowess at Crossy Road, Dash and app pricing.

Restart USBmux Daemon in Terminal
on the command line enter:
sudo launchctl stop com.apple.usbmuxd

Thanks to Fahim Farook (mentioned as the dev from Malaysia)

Pure Swift Apps on the App Store:

WriteTrack – Submission Tracking for Writers
WriteOn Lite
Instant Poetry 2

Episode 21 Notes:

Swift 1.1
Devices not connecting in Xcode
Apple Has Lost the Functional High Ground
Release Notes Podcast
Fast Fourier Transform
Dash API Docs

Episode 21 Picks:

Smash Hit

WWDC 2014 Videos

One thought on “Episode 21 – Swift, Ready or Not Here it Comes

  1. Neil North

    Thanks for the shoutout.

    Just wanted to say that my experience with Swift has been somewhat different, aside from sourcekit making my life hell the language itself and debugging has been fairly reliable in 1.1.

    I think this might be because most of the work I’ve been doing in Swift is related to SpriteKit and SceneKit. Since both of these frameworks have only existed since after Swift development had begun I wonder if they were designed to be more compatible from the beginning.

    I feel like 70% of the problems people are experiencing in Swift is a side effect of Swift having to support a lot of legacy baggage which cannot be as tightly controlled or fit in to every scenario the same way.

    Apple have shown a lot of benchmark speed tests (partly marketing BS) and in production Swift hasn’t been living up to the performance promises, why do you guys think this is? Legacy baggage or a crappy build of Swift?


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