Episode 130 – Like a Russian Nesting Doll

This week are joined by Greg Heo as we wade into RxSwift. We follow up on upgrading to 64-bit apps. We discuss the possibility of an OLED screen coming to the 8th iPhone model. Greg brings up the preferred software languages of weekend developers. We discuss where to define a notification? We watch Greg dance around as we quiz him on RxSwift*. Picks: Editing your macOS Dictionary, Apple’s deep learning frameworks: BNNS vs. Metal CNN, Swift Summit 2016 videos are being released! and what goes into an advance iOS/Swift course.

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Episode 130 Show Notes:

Episode 130 Picks:

One thought on “Episode 130 – Like a Russian Nesting Doll

  1. Dave

    Hi Tim
    Message from the English lawn mower here.

    Can you let Greg know we don’t mow our lawns in the winter, so you now accompany me on weekend dog walking instead.

    Also my knowledge in Swift has improved to the point where I can now understand about half of what is happening when Greg, Jaimie and Mark start disappearing down a rabbit hole.

    On this level of improvement I should be able to understand a full show by 2020.

    Keep up the excellent work, both me and the dog love the shows.


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