Episode 122 – What is Internet?

This week we answer #askMTJC about how we use the pragma mark in our apps. We also follow up as we test drive Setapp’s beta program. We discuss the @available attribute in Swift that allows you to use new iOS features while maintaining backward compatibility. We the new Bluetooth 5 announcement and discuss some contradictory articles on the wearables market. Aaron gives a status report on CarPlay in his new car. Picks: Pre-Apple return Steve Jobs TV interview, Wang 1980’s TV commercial and Inside the secret meeting where Apple revealed the state of its AI research.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 122 – What is Internet?

  1. Shriram Kalpathy Mohan

    Hi guys! I enjoyed this episode a lot. Particularly, the discussion around the pragma mark and the @available attribute.

    I have been driving a 2017 Audi A4 and I have been using Apple CarPlay for the last 4 months. I’ve found it to be extremely seamless and fluid on my car. I use CarPlay as my default car media system and I hardly use the radio anymore. Despite the fact that I spend over 1 hour per day on my car on an average weekday and significantly more on weekends, I haven’t faced any startup issue slowness ‘ever’. CarPlay works so well in my car that I use Apple Maps as my navigation friend.

    This makes me feel that the hardware the car manufacturers use for CarPlay might be an important factor in the customer experience. One of my friends, who also incidentally drives a 2017 Audi A4, reiterated my opinion. I think the cars that were released in the later half of 2016 adopted CarPlay well. I’m sure if the car manufacturers step up, CarPlay can work wonders.

  2. Jeffrey Fulton

    CarPlay issues hey?

    I also had some serious issues with CarPlay in my 2016 Silverado. Issues included intermittently being unable to connect to iPhone, random disconnects after connection was made, last played audio starting after Siri engaged even when audio was previously paused, maps dark theme randomly switching back to day theme during night driving (very bright on the highway at night).

    I contacted Chevrolet customer service and was put in touch with someone from the “Innovation” department. He was very helpful… but not fast. After weeks of calling back and forth, trying numerous variations of settings and connection methods, we finally determined there was a software update available for the infotainment system in the truck.

    I brought the truck into the dealership to have the update installed. They waived the normal $200 software update fee… what?!? I also had to go through five hours worth of experiments before they would install the update… again what?! I have no idea why it was so hard but it was.

    After the update CarPlay has worked significantly better. Most of the issues are completely resolved, with some occasional glitches still occuring. Overall I am very happy with it.

    Aaron: Good luck getting your VW updated. It’s worth the effort if you get the same results I did.

    Jeffrey Fulton
    iOS Developer


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