Episode 117 – All That and a Bag of Dongles

This week we follow up on the MacBook Pro with TouchBar. The discussion revolves around our impressions of the TouchBar, changes in the hardware configuration and the future of the MacBook product line. We also discuss whether this is in fact a mac for professionals. We touch on the approaching end of Swift 2.3 as well as json2swift. Picks: Paintcode 3, PipTube, UnsafePointers, How to Use NSTouchBar on macOS and Amaziograph.

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Episode 117 Show Notes:

Episode 117 Picks:

2 thoughts on “Episode 117 – All That and a Bag of Dongles

  1. Kami Lay

    Bought my husband a first generation MacBook and assumed we would need dongles to survive. Bought her a HDMI and a USB-A dongle. The USB-A one is in a drawer with a thick layer of dust on it and she gave the HDMI one to a coworker who never used it and lost it.


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