Episode 106 – Failing Gracefully

We start off with followup on Chick-fil-a, LaunchKit & Google, iPad Pro used to make Stranger Things Poster and iPhone 6S speeds by the Galaxy Note 7. We open the discussion on failure with the removal of Vesper from the App Store. We discuss Dave DeLong’s Dream App, Google writing a new OS and Instapaper joining Pinterest. We discuss a chip popping defect on iPhone 6 models. Picks: How I Got Better at Debugging, KZFileWatchers, Youtube-dl, Alexa Skills Kit Audio Streaming, TDD (by Controlling Dependencies)

Episode 106 Show Notes:

Episode 106 Picks:

4 thoughts on “Episode 106 – Failing Gracefully

  1. Michael

    Hi guys,

    I noticed it yet for a couple of episoded, but if you talk about things please tried to get your information together before or don’t talk about it if you don’t know for sure. This just has the effect that other people that only listen to you are spreading information that is just plain wrong (I’m looking at you Aaron, get you stuff together or just don’t talk about it) …

    Some facts:
    – Instapaper will not shut down in the next 3 month. In fact for the near future it will not go anywhere and still run as a separate entity within Pinterest.
    – Instapaper was not the first read it later service. In fact Pocket (formally “Read It Later”) and Instapaper where created around the same time. So there is no clear opinion or information where the first service was on the market. And what really made me mad that you guys think “other” services copied Instapaper. What for a bullshit, as said both came out around the same time and no one copied the other, both just scratched their own itch.
    – Castro does not have a “silence removal” feature at all.
    – Furthermore Pocketcasts did integrate a similar feature in their iOS app with their 6.0, but they had it for a long time in their Android app. Sure it was inspired by Overcast, but now it’s kind of a commodity to have this feature and in fact, if you read Castro’s reviews, people are asking for this kind of feature, so eventually they have to integrate it.

    Although my critic seems maybe a bit harsh, I enjoy listening to you podcast and because I care about it, I wanted to bring it up so you can improve it even more …

    Thanks! Michael

    1. Greg Heo

      I wasn’t on this episode but want to add a “thank you” for the feedback anyway Michael! I also yelled back at the podcast when they said Castro had a “trim silence” feature.

      I disagree with some points though — such as saying “Instapaper will not shut down in the next 3 month” and calling it a “fact” is an overreach. It seems very likely to stick around (brought up on this week’s show) and certainly something that they’ve announced, but thats future plans; it’s not a fact. Pinterest could shut it down tomorrow or next month if they had to.

      My bar for when to talk about something is probably more like if I’m 75% sure, I’ll say it. It has to be less than 100% because no one’s perfect, but I recognize my (and probably our) threshold is lower than yours — maybe the other hosts feel comfortable saying something if they’re 50% sure where your bar is more like 90% sure.

      I’m not sure how to resolve that one. It’s a “casual conversation” kind of show and we’ll inevitably get things wrong. No one _wants_ to get things wrong, of course, so I do agree with you in principle and hope it happens less frequently in the future.

      “Feedback is a gift,” as they always say at the place where I work. Thanks again for the feedback and for listening to the show!

  2. Michael

    Hey, I just want to follow up about certain points to clarify it a bit

    1. I know that Instapaper will not be shut down in the next 3 month 🙂 but let’s just let it there …
    2. I think I was a bit to harsh on *if you don’t know about it not talk at all about it*. I think it should have been phrased different … as it is (and should be) a casual discussion in the podcast, let the listener know your opinion about topics you are talking about, but don’t make statements that seems you know for sure what you are talking about if it’s not the case. Hope that sounds better …

    Thanks again for the show as said I enjoy listening to it every week.


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