Episode 101 – Has a Shiny Apple Logo On It

We start the show with a discussion of Two Factor Authentication on Apple IDs. We discuss the Best Burritos in the US. We answer Allan Edmonds #askMTJC question about our first computers and our predictions for the next 5 years. We follow up on Mark’s iPhone swollen battery. We discuss whether to buy AppleCare, the discuss the delay in Apple Mac hardware, SoftBank’s purchase of Arm, the rumored iPhone 7 Pro and iOS Beta Periods. We also discuss iOS 9.3.3 security update. Picks: Scrivener for iOS Effective Objective-C 2.0

Episode 101 Show Notes:

Episode 101 Picks:

2 thoughts on “Episode 101 – Has a Shiny Apple Logo On It

  1. dannbeau

    @timmitra +1 on your pick: Effective Objective-C 2.0
    I recently just picked up the paperback and found the majority of the 52 topics pretty good.


    1. timmitra Post author

      I agree. I find his explanations of things to be pretty insightful. I’m not much of a “documentation” reader. Luckily for us Matt Galloway is and he has a real knack for explains the nuances of the languages. His writing on Swift is really good as well. It was an article he wrote on what Optionals are that explained it best for me. He’s a great guy in person as well.


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